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AW Soft Innovations Pvt Ltd is a leader in delivering telecom business and operations systems (OSS/BSS), business solutions, IT network infrastructure designs, audits, data migrations and cleansing.

Offices and Staff Locations

Location Competencies Status
Hyderabad, India Marketing, sales, telecom and network consulting, software development Head Office
Riyadh, KSA Marketing, sales, telecom and network consulting, software development Middle East Headquarters
Birmingham, United Kingdom Sales, product support Upper Regional Office
Brisbane, Australia Sales, product support, and consulting Country Office

Job Overviews

JOB DESCRIPTION: This employee is responsible for coordinating and performing the district\'s telecommunications moves, adds, and changes; acting as liaison between the telephone operating companies and the interconnect companies in matters dealing with the district telecommunications needs, and providing technical expertise to assist in efficient and effective network telecommunications. 

Duties of this position include but are not limited to: 

1. Coordinating, reviewing, and performing all moves, adds, and changes required.

2. Coordinating, reviewing, and performing repair services in emergency situations as needed.

3. Reviewing, ascertaining accuracy, and recommending payment of invoices submitted by the interconnect companies for services rendered.

4. Overseeing and coordinating assigned telecommunications activities within the district.

5. Recommending improvements to enhance technical capabilities of the system and reduce operating costs.

6. Developing and maintaining a preventative maintenance program for all School Board owned telephone systems.

7. Developing and maintaining a formal system of evaluating all telephone systems and materials used to maintain them.

8. Developing and implementing a systematic staff development program for updating and improving the skills of telecommunications personnel.

9. Supervising and evaluating telecommunications personnel.

10. Maintaining records and preparing required reports relevant to the operations of telecommunications. 
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